Federal Land Development Authority - Lower Secondary Education Department

Lower Secondary Education Department


Human capital is an important element that contributes to the development and prosperity of the nation. Quality human capital will provide added value required by a developing country to increase productivity which could contribute to the country's economy.

Efforts towards generating quality human capital accounts for a major role of education. The pace of development in the country's human capital requires a knowledgeable, skilled, creative and innovative development of the country to meet its obligations. In line with the transformation agenda, FELDA has to make improvements across the board on the building of basic education at the primary and secondary among the schemes. This transformation should be made due to several factors as follows: 
• The changing demographics of students in schools in the schemes. 
• Reduction in enrollment that occurred in more than 60 schools in the program has resulted in schools status is changed to less school students (enrollment under school). There are 20 schools have student populations of less than 70 people (Critical Enrolment Under-CUE) FELDA responded Interim Strategic Plan Ministry of Education (MOE) from 2011 to 2020 to establish the Department of Secondary and Primary Education (JPMR) FELDA to implement the vision and mission to create a generation of Felda Felda innovative, creative and think glocal so that they can make a difference to the community and country.


• Provide a comprehensive focus on the aspects of the development of basic education at primary and secondary levels.
• Provide education (schooling) to the best of its settlers by putting the interests and priorities of the education foundation as one of the national educational aspirations.
• Expand awareness and involvement of parents and community of educational programs and activities in schools in the FELDA.
• Strengthen discipline and strengthen self-esteem and motivate students to achieve success in FELDA.
• Accelerating the schools in the program to greater heights.


  • Strengthening and improving educational excellence among the new generation of Felda's school in Plan-MRSM Felda and students living in the hostel Semai Bakti schemes.
  • Produce Felda generation which are disciplined and competitive.




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