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Community Development


Department of Community Development is the core of the transformation program FELDA inspired by the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The department is responsible for providing policy, planning and executing works related to development. Responsibilities related to community development and program implementation in the region.  Planning and implementation of programs for the Felda community development and community development implemented by using different strategies and approaches. The main focus is on leadership and community integration, human capital and physical aspects of development to ensure the well-being of its settlers.


Community development programs was implemented by using a variety of approaches and strategies. Emphasis is placed on the development of human capital in order to create a more robust community institutions as well as focusing on the well-being and quality of life settlers. FELDA community development as a whole performed with emphasis on aspects of institutional strengthening and consolidation of settlers among the settlers. Efforts to improve the quality of life of the settlers will continue to be enhanced in many areas especially in education, leadership, parenting and health to create a brilliant and become a community sample of rural communities


  • Strengthening the Settlers Institutional as an effective institution.
  • Streamlining leadership to help the success of FELDA settlers.
  • Uniting the settlers to keep pace with the aspirations of management schemes.
  • Unleashing the transformation of the community at all levels including officials and settlers.
  • Delivering information to the settler community on an ongoing basis.
  • Bridging the relationship between management and the settlers.
  • Increase the involvement of a new generation of community development.
  • Realization of the settlers as an example of rural communities.
  • Managing the welfare of the settlers as a whole.
  • Promoting its settlers adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Creating a community garden equipped with good infrastructure, full and manageable.


  • Bring awareness to the settler leadership roles and responsibilities in the plan.
  • Increasing consolidation of the settler community.
  • Addressing issues and complaints as well as specific interventions by stakeholders that could threaten public trust in FELDA for management.
  • Effectively communicate information to all of its settlers.
  • Increase the involvement of its settlers in managing their health for the elderly.
  • Increasing the villages beauty in each program.
  • Doing physical activity / recreation which include senior citizens as well as a medical examination.
  • To create awareness among parents on the importance of early childhood education.


The program is designed to bridge the gap task 
and regional community development plans with the leadership
JKKR and GPW plans while finding a way to resolve
issues and complaints arising among the settler community.
The election for the Male and Female Chief Settlers for the session of 
2014 - 2016 starting from October to December 2013.
Chief settlers and chairman will be appointed after the GPW region
selection in the plan completed. Leadership of appointed settlers should be empowered with Felda information
and affairs and also the skills to lead the people.
Objectives Objectives
  • Bridging the gaps between FELDA emplyess and  settler community.
  • Track issues and complaints in the planning stages.
  • Looking for resolving issues and complaints in the planning stages.
  • Bridging the gaps in the community plan specifically different political ideologies
  • Develop a more informed and capable settler leaders.
  • Build a network of relationships between all leadership programs.
  • Powering the head of male and female settlers towards leadership and the consolidation of all of its settlers.
Implementation Implementation
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Action Action
  • Ensuring trip report is provided every month by region and plan.
  • Territory and plan scheduling the visit.
  • Ensure that the number of houses visited in line with schedule.
  • Identify issues and problems that need to be solved.
  • The headquarters should work with territory management and plans for the department smoothness.
  • Monitor and ensure the orderly course.
  • Ensure that all settler leaders attended the course.
  • Visit as many as 20 houses a week and 80 houses a month.
  • Program is implemented in March 2014.
  • All heads of settlers from 317 plans join the program.
  • The selection module that fits with needs and time.
The program aims to ensure that all work activities related to the 
Department of Community Development is implemented by all 
of 317 plans in 11 regions, thus the auditing of the plan can be 
done. Social Audit Program under the Institutional Unit settlers is
formed and tasked to visit to the plan to make the 
inspection, assessment, monitoring and help the region resolve 
the issues raised by the plans involved.
Clear explanation of policy FELDA and dialogue
should be implemented to avoid any misunderstanding and
different interpretations among the public plan. The issue
often raised in connection replanting program and
rubber, method of grading and pricing of fresh fruit bunches
(FFB), the housing of its settlers and account management
Objectives Objectives
  • Ensure that activities implemented effectively planned communities in line with the planning of the Department of Community Development.
  • Ensure that all programs implemented are documented and assessed the effectiveness of the program.
  • Identify issues and complaints raised with actionable solutions.
  • Assist management in the region and plans to move bodies settlers activities in line with the direction of the management schemes.
  • Respond and provide accurate feedback to
  • its settlers on the issues raised.
  • Delivering information and updates on FELDA
    to its settlers.
  • Improving residents FELDA interfaith understanding the ongoing work
    of transformation FELDA.
Implementatioin Implementation
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Action Action
  • Headquarters to prepare and distribute guidelines.
  • Headquarters provide a schedule of inspection visits.
  • Headquarters made a tour of inspection officials follow a predetermined schedule.
  • Regional cooperation is needed to get information audit shows rankings.
  • To collect, coordinate and resolve the issues raised.
  • Issues that need to be completed and forwarded to the reference involved.
  • Cooperation departments involved to ensure the success of the program.
  • Inspection day every Tuesday.
  • Design two week trip.
  • One program at every region anually.
FELDA management took the initiative to go down 
and meet with the leadership of its settlers. It can 
bridge the gap between management and its settlers. 
, which is also the best session of its settlers to express 
the problems they are facing and get the relevant information 
in respect of new schemes. Department of 
Community established the program to unite the citizens of 
FELDA next to reach the core of the community Felda 
Felda as examples of rural communities.
Inheritance is a very important matter dealt with by the 
heirs of the deceased after death. In the plan there are 
cases of inheritance can not be resolved due to lack of knowledge. 
course also important to implement as exposure 
to issues related to this aspect of not persisted.
Objectives Objectives
  • The meeting with the management of its settlers schemes.
  • Resolving complaints and issues directly to the departments concerned.
  • Friendly visit to the home of settlers excuses.
  • Consolidation of the community through sports programs and village feasts.
  • To provide knowledge and understanding of the inheritance of its settlers.
  • Understanding the power of speech application process.
  • Provide an understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a substitute or administrator.
Implementation Implementation
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Action Action
  • Ensuring Implementation program as designed.
  • The province should work with management plans for the Implementation program runs smoothly.
  • All departments involved need to work on their programs.
  • Collect and coordinate issues that need solutions headquarters level.
  • Plan the date and place of course.
  • Implementing the program in each province.
  • Talking with the Land Title and Mining.
  • Ensure the target fulfill attendance.
  • Programs are held twice at each region.
  • The courses are held at every FELDA region on the first and second quarter of year.
Penerokawati settler leadership and excellence is 
a supporter of efforts to transform schemes. Program 
proposed visit to add knowledge to 
the leader of settlers for the development of the plan.
Organised jointly Felda Felda Agricultural Services 
Sdn Bhd (FASSB) is intended to provide exposure 
and knowledge on the latest technologies that have been successfully 
produced by Felda oil palm in particular in the field of 
the target group of its settlers and management plans. 
program is also expected to improve yield 
and quality of oil production settler farms.
Objectives Objectives
  • To impart knowledge to the leaders of the settlers and penerokawati.
  • Opening Minda leaders for positive minded and lebihproduktif.
  • Strengthen the relationship between settler leaders and penerokawatiwilayah.
  • To expose the new technology R & D findings FASSB companies to target groups of settlers and employees in the plan.
  • Help improve the quality and yield of oil fields Peneroka expenditure and FELDA.
  • Promote the latest products FASSB dankakitangan settlers.
Implementation Implementation
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Action Action
  • Plan the date and place of visit.
  • Aspects of the trip that became the foundation.
  • Discussions with management of the location of the visit.
  • Distribution group tours by region.
  • The headquarters of the module ensure Implementation planned.
  • Management plans in the region to monitor the attendance and business travel program.
  • The plan should ensure the presence of participants to the program.
  • Tour held twice a year.
  • Plan two weeks trip
  • Program is held in 5 region every quarter of year..
Movie Adventure Course is a program element FELDA 
community ever undertaken in the early years of the 
schemes. The program is able to consolidate all of its settlers in 
ages and thus increase the spirit of 
cooperation in the plan. The close relationship between 
the older and new generations can be created 
through activity. Program motion field implemented 
in collaboration Son Bonding Community Arts FELDA (ISKAF).
FELDA Beautification Awards (AKKF) was introduced 
from 2007. village cheer program covers 
the provision of landscaping, sanitation programs, management of 
public buildings, community activities, waste management, 
Implementation edible garden, the layout of the business, 
economic projects and others. AKKF given to plan 
a successful best manage, cleanliness and 
beauty of the countryside with flying colors. AKKF champion 
prizes of RM1 million and announced in conjunction with 
the National Settlers.
Objectives Objectives
  • Provide all citizens FELDA meeting without thought of political allegiance.
  • Delivering accurate and true to the settlers related program development schemes.
  • Provide meaningful activities to a new generation in an organized and planned manner.
  • All of its settlers moving towards consolidation kepimpinandan
  • Makes FELDA community as komunit example of rural and village cleanliness and beautification program.
  • Invigorate the schemes so that all eligible plan to compete in FELDA Beautification Awards (AKKF).
  • Improve cleanliness of the village and make the schemes examples of rural communities.
  • Forming a happy community, solidarity and harmony and a culture of clean, beautiful and free from social ills.
  • Changing the face of a Community Garden Felda settlements and equipped with good infrastructure and managed.
  • Makes FELDA villages clean and environmentally friendly, far from causing disease.
  • Inculcate positive values ​​in society to achieve well-being and quality of life better.
Implementation Implementation
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Action Action
  • Conducting field screening of films in each program.
  • Movie screenings held on the lawn or hall ISKAF Group.
  • Patriotic-themed movies and patriotism as well as to attract the interest of all people.
  • Middle of the display, a briefing session on information schemes will be delivered either by a representative of the headquarters, regional, DOSH or program leader.
  • Organize with Expression Community Carnival program to enliven and interests of its settlers attended the program.
  • Ensuring guest AKKF implemented according to the guidelines prescribed.
  • Territory management plan to ensure all program and not allowed to cheer village just set some plans only.
  • Territory management should provide a regional ranking
  • Management plans to implement the plan cheer program.
  • Management plans must ensure that all segments of society in plans to work in the wealth of the village.
  • Each plan shall be organized at least once a year with the cooperation of the Department of Community Development
  • Each province is organizing a program Adventure Movie Premier Field involving Expression Community Carnival program at the appropriate location zone.
  • To ensure that all eligible plan to compete in FELDA Beautification Award.
Cheerful Village Improvement Programme implemented 
the plan with the lowest score in the 
evaluation AKKF Region.
FEDLA Cheerful Enhancement Program  held 
for 10 Finalist Cheerful Plan Award finalist plans  
(AKKF) in 2013.
Objectives Objectives
  • Invigorate the schemes that all the plans sieve to compete in FELDA Beautification Awards (AKKF).
  • Understanding the social worker about the job requirements cheer village should be taken to enhance landscaping plans.
  • Confirming again the joy of all who have received the grace of the design finalists in this year.
  • Keeping the fun in terms of maintenance and landscape layout plan.
Implementation Implementation
jab komuniti16 jab komuniti17
Action Action
  • The headquarters had Implementation monitoring program.
  • And territory management plan to ensure the program is implemented smoothly and effectively.
  • And territory management plan to ensure changes are made in the plan, as has been planned.
  • Action plans should include plans Cheerful FELDA (AKKF).
  • Management plans will be using the services of a consultant or refer to the Department of Community Development and regions.
  • The headquarters had Implementation monitoring program.
  • And territory management plan to ensure the program is implemented smoothly and effectively.
  • And territory management plan to ensure the 10 best plan is to maintain the beauty of the village and further enhance the joy of the village.
  • Action plans should include a plan or plan changes to be implemented.
  • Arrangements may use solemn design experts in the field of landscape to provide cheerfulness slowly hometown.
  • Region must ensure that the plan involved 
    in the program in the previous year increased AKKF 
    not listed in ahead of him.
  • Region 10 plans must ensure that the best 
    is eligible for inclusion in the next year 
    at least the semi-finals.
Learning workshops held to expose participants to 
a variety of skills that can help boost 
readership Family Literacy Center (CSR) schemes. 
Filling workshop 

interesting and very informative help boost 
readers in educating children PLK then going back to 
their respective provinces.
Construction of a children's playground in the FRS can help 
students PLK in leisure activities and 
diversify their daily activities. The park 
is a children's play will be performed at the Center for Literacy 
Family (CSR) has a number of students and the largest number 
of suitable land.
Objectives Objectives
  • To expose new learning method 
    is more effective and interactive reader boosters.
  • Construction of a children's playground integrated in 
    each region CSR aims to provide convenience 
    and comfort to students PLK to do 
    recreational activities.
Implementation Implementation
jab komuniti18 jab komuniti19
Action Action
  • Introducing the use of teaching aids "ABC Monsters - Interactive Edutainment Programs" to Boosters Readers (Teacher) Family Literacy Center (CSR) schemes.
  • Mengagihkan tools help teach the ABC Monsters "Interactive Edutainment Programs" PLK FELDA to all over Malaysia.
  • Monitor the use and acceptance of students with learning materials were supplied.
  • Learning workshops to boost readership and use SDA to ensure that the learning material is consistent and understanding of the material provided is comprehensive.
  • Region should identify suitable center to be built children's playground integrated.
  • Managers plan should ensure that there are appropriate areas nearby Family Literacy Center in the plan to build a children's playground for the students integrated CSR.
  • Monitoring by employees to ensure the installation of garden equipment such games follow the specifications set.
  • Aiming then use of teaching aids ABC Monsters 
    "Interactive Edutainment Programs" in the learning sessions 
    in all PLK FELDA.
  • Each region will receive at least sebuahtaman toys Integrated Family Literacy Center (CSR) schemes.
The fund was created to help the settlers who 
suffer from chronic diseases, natural disasters and the purchase of 
equipment for defects caused the accident and 
so on. This assistance is necessary because from time to time 
there are settlers or members of her family made ​​an appeal to 
the public for assistance. where this contribution 
is given to ease the burden of dependency that had 
shouldered by them.
Pioneer Day is an annual event FELDA 
celebrated each year on July 7 as a mark of recognition 
to all the settlers who together 
plan to develop the land. This celebration will 
unite the settlers to gather people 
all over the state of settlers who have contributed significantly 
to the advancement schemes.
Objectives Objectives
  • Help defray the cost of medical treatment to the settlers, wife or dependents who have chronic diseases.
  • Helping the above difficulties Peneroka, wife or dependents as a result of natural disasters that cause kerosakan home and possessions.
  • Kerusi help buy equipment such as wheels or false for Peneroka member, wife or dependents who have disabilities and half everlasting eternal.
  • Celebrating the settlers and all of its settlers moving towards leadership and consolidation.
  • Bridge the gap between management FELDA settlers.
  • Make space for the settlers to the highest leader of FELDA, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
  • Delivering the latest information to all settler citizens.
  • Tribute to the leaders and the settlers in the plan through FELDA Cheerful Awards (AKKF)
Implementation Implementation
jab komuniti20 jab komuniti21
Action Action
  • Managers plan identifies settlers who need help and
  • Advancing a request to rank the region.
  • The region check and ensure complete and send the form to be forwarded to headquarters.
  • Meeting at the headquarters approval.
  • The record-setting territory and plan level.
  • The headquarters of ensuring logistical preparations for the ceremony.
  • Headquarters will keep filling the Settlers Days implemented as planned.
  • Region to coordinate and monitor the participation and involvement of the settlers to ceremony.
  • Management plans should ensure the presence settlers comunity in the ceremony as determined by the head office.
  • Meeting approval welfare fund shall be 
    held at least once a month.
  • FELDA Settlers Day Celebration conducted once a year.
Sports FELDA annual sporting event held 
as a platform to highlight its settlers 
sporting talent on the schemes. Through this activity the ability 
that they can be brought to the competition to 
a higher level and more prestigious. Sports also provide 
an opportunity to strengthen ties FELDA for 
friendship and close acquaintances in addition to enliven 
- events.
This program will bring awareness to all citizens 
on the importance of healthcare FELDA where it 
is the most valuable asset. Cultural appreciate this health 
will affect its settlers to live 
in harmony and in turn can affect families 
for their equally healthy living culture.
Objectives Objectives
  • Creating a sports culture among its settlers.
  • Unearth new talent in the field of sports to be highlighted.
  • Embodies the spirit of fusion and integration of the whole citizens of FELDA.
  • Diversify the new generation in order to reduce their involvement in social problems in the plan.
  • To create awareness among citizens about the importance of keeping healthy FELDA.
  • Making its settlers were healthy and productive through healthy lifestyle practices on the schemes.
  • Promote Disease Risk Factor Intervention package of healthy eating, physical activity, healthy minds and healthy bodies.
Implementation Implementation
jab komuniti22 jab komuniti23
Action Action
  • Headquarters to plan the event and schedule of the program.
  • Headquarters to ensure the participation of all Regional competitions including first contingent headquarters and one Contingent Student Association and currently studying FELDA (PERSADA).
  • Territory Management should implement FELDA Sports Territory level.
  • Party design let ensure attendance of participants involved.
  • Providing Healthy Program at all FELDA.
  • Ensure fulfillment of the program to provide screening, exhibitions and health talks.
  • Perform physical activities such as aerobics and sports.
  • The plan should involve communities near FELDA of plans to participate in the program.
  • Sports FELDA be performed once a year.
  • The program should be carried out once in every plan.
Publications and documentation designed to collect, store, publish and distribute information and events FELDA in addition to being a link between the management of Felda and the settlers generally. Information obtained from various sources involving departments in Felda, regional plan, the settlers, newspapers and inserts 1Suara Dispatch. All publications and documentation kept in the Library of Felda and Felda History Center.
  • Standardize and provides news and plans to be published.
  • Provides the latest updates to its settlers, especially the settlers.
  • To disseminate the news, activities and events for the benefit of FELDA and the general public.
  • Serves as a liaison between management and staff FELDA settlers.
  • Documenting events and updates schemes.
jab komuniti24
  • Maternal officials definitely need to know the appropriate publishing material to be documented.
  • Monitoring of the publications made by the head office to ensure proper distribution system.
  • The province and plans to obtain publications suitably qualified to contribute to the party headquarters.
  • Maintenance of the area and the design needs to ensure the proceeds to the target group.
  • Settlers Magazine publishes and distributes a quarterly basis with a rate of 4 times per year.
  • Publish at least one publication or coffee table book.


Awareness and strong unity in the community FELDA is the catalyst in the success of the vision and mission of FELDA program in 2020. Success is the result of planning and carefully executed strategy, focused and steadfast.
Application of the values ​​of leadership and unity within their programs can create unity among the settler community. The program also supports the FELDA transformation program at all levels to ensure FELDA organization and settler community continue to develop successfully.